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Nike Mercurial 14 Vapor Elite Grass Football Shoes (FG) Black Dark Grey Gold

Nike Mercurial 14 Vapor Elite Grass Football Shoes (FG) Black Dark Grey Gold
Product Description
The football world is blessed with a number of players who were born to kick it far. They naturally stand out, but they also regularly seek out the spotlight themselves. With speed, fierce and fearless actions, they get the spectators on the benches. For those who have speed flowing through their veins.

Nike has stripped the upper of the new Mercurial and left only what it takes. The new Vaporsite upper consists of four different layers of microfiber lining with specially designed mesh. The use of this minimal material leaves only what is needed, so that there is a very light shoe left. You can play your fastest game for the full 90 minutes. The outside of the Vaporsite upper is equipped with the All Conditions Control technology for perfect ball control during all weather conditions.

The sleek Nike Flyknit material is placed around the ankle and adapts to the shape of your foot. The material again extends 360 degrees under the foot and ensures a great fit.

To accelerate explosively, Nike has placed special Aerotrack zones near the forefoot of the sole. You will now reach your top speed on the field even faster. These zones are part of the new soleplate that no longer consists of two parts, but is connected by a special, thin backbone for extra support. The special chevron xxxxxxx on the sole allow you to move at full speed in any direction without losing grip.

Never and never will you be bothered by sliding your foot into your shoe due to the NikeGrip technology on the internal soleplate. This is because at the expense of your speed. The NikeGrip technology features a special 3D texture that matches the contours of the insole, which prevents sliding and ensures optimal shock absorption. Together with the sturdy internal chassis of the shoe, this ensures a perfect lockdown of the foot.
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