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Nike Phantom Elite GX Gras Football Shoes (FG) Bright Red Black White

Nike Phantom Elite GX Gras Football Shoes (FG) Bright Red Black White
Product Description
Take creative control of the football field with the Nike Phantom Elite GX Gras Football Shoes (FG) Bright Red Black White. This flashy model is designed for the most intuitive players on the field, who determine the end result with their crucial actions. Players like Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden are creatives who play on this shoe. Grab attention on the field with these beautiful football boots from the Ready Pack.

The football boot has a standard fit. Asymmetry in the collar and heel ensures comfort. Soft heel details make it easy to walk in and reduce irritation without sacrificing stability and structure.

Gripknit is a feathery, adhesive material that provides a better ball feeling. Gripknit covers the first two laces for a wider interface, giving you even more control over the ball. It also has weatherproof properties. Whether the field is wet or dry, the Gripknit response remains consistent.

Innovative Tri-star xxxxxxx promotes your twists and turns, so that your actions stand out perfectly. The different shapes of the xxxxxxx help you stay stable during important moments. The lines in the outsole match your typical movements on the field, helping you dominate the entire field in training and matches.

Flex grooves on the forefoot ensure that you always maintain grip when you are in possession of the ball. It gives you the opportunity to attack with your team to drive the opponent's defense to despair.

The agility line at the bottom of the shoe reflects that zigzagging movement a player makes across the field.
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