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Nike Phantom GT 2 Elite DF Gras Football Shoes (FG) Orange Red Black

Nike Phantom GT 2 Elite DF Gras Football Shoes (FG) Orange Red Black
Product Description
Football is all about fun and your football boots have to contribute to that fun. The new Nike Phantom GT 2 football shoe is designed for the game's most skilled players who put this fun on the mat in an artful way. Great through passes, great goals and beautiful free kicks are a certainty with the new Phantom GT. This new model will be worn by Kevin de Bruyne, Phil Foden and Jack Grealish, among others.

Based on data from athlete testing, Nike has made the upper texture thicker in strategic places. At the instep and toe of the shoe, the material is thicker. This provides more grip on the ball, so you can fit, dribble and shoot with precision. The signature Nike Flyknit construction has also been added to the upper for an instant ball feel and twists support. Finally, the All Conditions Control technology provides grip during bad weather conditions.

The soleplate of the Nike Phantom GT is a super-fast system with an open soleplate under the arch of the foot. The arc provides sufficient stability at high speed. The layout of the xxxxxxx has been renewed and provides dynamic grip for quick changes of direction.

The eccentric laces ensure a bigger and even touch. This ensures better shots.

Never and never will you suffer from sliding your foot into your shoe due to the NIKEGRIP technology on the internal soleplate. This is because at the expense of your speed. The NIKEGRIP technology features a special 3D texture that matches the contours of the insole, which prevents sliding and ensures optimal shock absorption.
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